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Welcome to FikFap Apk! Official website ( ). #1 Entertainment App for Android Smartphones. Watch Live, Short videos, and spicy and juicy videos totally Free on your smartphone. Download the FikFap Apk from our website.

fikfap is one of the most attention-grabbing apps these days do you know that this app is a growing app like Tiktok 18 if you know then you know what I’m talking about. Nowadays, short content takes place after tiktok comes the short content goes skyrocket and people also love this content Short video content is also called snackable content which means the content is short-form, easily digestible, and visually engaging content. It is designed to communicate the message as quickly as possible and is often made to be consumed on a mobile device.

As you can see, now every platform has added short content to their platform as YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, etc. just like these many apps have come into this category. there are many apps available on the internet like fikfap apk but this app has some extra features that are the main thing.

What Is FikFap Apk

Fikfap apk is a brand new social media app and this app is similar to tiktok and this app after coming into the market it’s grabbing all attention because of this app has something special in it this app is only for spicy short content and many creators come here to show their talent. fikfap Apk gets most of its social media traffic from Facebook, Youtube. this app was released in 2021 and created by the fikfap team FikFap Apk is a popular entertainment application in our country with over 10 million downloads.

The Fikfap app is only for mature people if you are underage don’t use this app because you find mostly juicy and spicy content and if you’re a grown man then this app is for you havan you get much of the best content you ever get all over the internet. Now you don’t need to go browser and open incognito you just need a fikfap apk download. this app makes your day or night you get frequent updates and new content daily without any issues.


  • Videos, social sharing, and duets
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • No subscription, no registration.
  • Not available in various regions
  • Earn Money by just posting videos
  • Watch all content free of cost
  • Scroll short videos like TikTok
  • No ads.

How To Make Money Through FikFap App

Making money through this type of social media that hard but not now it’s easy through the fikfap apk. this app whole monetizing with affiliates so you become an affiliate and make money, By becoming an affiliate partner of Fikfap, you can earn money for introducing content creators to our platform while helping content creators grow their audience. For every content creator you refer, you can earn money based on their OnlyFans likes count:

  • 1k-20k likes $20 (INCREASED)
  • 20k – 200k likes $60 (INCREASED)
  • 200k+ likes $180 (INCREASED)

The reward is added to your balance once a content creator has been approved as a partner and has uploaded their first video to Fikfap.

To start as an affiliate partner you need to sign in to your FikFap App account or create a new account if you don’t have one yet. Once registered you can access your affiliate link in our settings menu share your personal affiliate link with the content creator you want to refer and let them apply for a content creator partnership. For every content creator refers you will get credited the respective amount of money once they upload their first post once you reach USD 100 in referral bonus bonuses you can request a payout via PayPal.

Download Fikfap Apk for Android Device

As you know this is an illegal app, so you won’t find it on Google Play Store. So you have to download it from a third-party website like ours. It is very easy to download the Fikfap APK. This is the download section, Below you will see an orange button, click this button, and from the next page you will be able to download the latest application of the Fikfap app.

Legal Liability: We Do Not Advertise, Host, Or Link To Copyrighted Publications. We strongly disapprove of piracy and advise our readers to avoid it at all costs. The Mention of Free Publications on our site is entirely for Copyright Free Content that is Public Finance. This is not an Official Site and We Have No Affiliation with the Fikfap App or the Fikfap Website.

How to Install Fikfap App

If you have downloaded the FikFap APK from our website and now looking to install this great application then follow our 7 easy steps to install this app

  1. First, download the Fikfap APK from here[].
  2. After this, open the Fikfap APK file.
  3. Now, if it asks to enable the “Unknown Sources”, then go to settings – security – Unknown Sources (step by step).
  4. After that, please turn on the “Unknown Sources”.
  5. Now, click on the “Install Button”.
  6. Wait, till the installation is done.
  7. Your Fikfap app is successfully installed.


What is the Fikfap app?

Fikfap is a mobile application where you can watch spicy and juicy short videos.

Is Fikfap a legal app?

yes, it is because this app provides by the official.

Does the Fikfap app have ios and Android versions?

No, the Fikfap app is only for Android.

Is the Fikfap app available on the Play Store?

No, this app is not available in Play Store.


I hope You Have Successfully Downloaded the Fikfap APK for your Android Smartphone. Currently, it is only available for Android-based Devices and not IOS Apple Devices. This is a Mature people-using app because it streams spicy and juicy content, so use it at your own risk if you are not 18. We are not responsible for any data loss as we are not the Developer of this App. There is no such as a fikfap mod apk just download this original app and enjoy.